Disclosure Statement

I have a Master’s degree in the Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health from King’s College London and take a scientifically-grounded, psychoanalytically-oriented, and humanistic approach to counselling. The goals of therapy are developed and worked out together.

Being assured that all client information is confidential is one of the ways that therapy becomes a safe place for people to talk openly. The agreement we make as therapist and client is that nothing will be shared with any other person unless it is talked about and agreed upon in advance. This includes teenagers and communication with their parents. Sometimes insurance companies require a diagnosis in order to verify the need for treatment and, in that case, an agreement is reached between us, the therapist and client, about what is included as part of public record. 

The exception to confidentiality is if a client discloses to the therapist that they are in danger of harming or killing themselves or another person. In this case, I, the therapist, will act on the client’s behalf in order to assure their safety or the safety of others. In this event, I, the therapist, will communicate with the emergency contact, get medical help and be assured that the client has support to survive the crisis they are in.

Some basic ethical standards apply to the relationship between therapist and client. Friendships and socialising between clients and the therapist are not consistent with a therapeutic alliance. Of course, any sexual behavior between the client and the therapist is an extreme ethical violation. Interactions are mostly limited to and contained in the therapeutic session. Any concerns about unethical behaviour should be brought to the attention of the Clinical Supervisor (Douglas Holwerda: douglasholwerda@hotmail.com).

Sessions are made by appointment only. Sessions are usually 55 minutes long and allow for a five-minute transition. Cancellations of appointments need to be at least one day in advance. Missed appointments or same-day cancellations will be charged at half the normal fee. Late arrival will cut into the time allotted for the session which will not be extended to accommodate the lateness. Payment is expected after each session unless another payment plan is worked out.

I welcome any questions about the process of therapy, my approach to helping people, my theoretical orientation and experience. I am collaborative in my approach and encourage my clients to continually assess the helpfulness of the process and work with me to gain the greatest benefit. My primary goal is to support my clients in ways that are most helpful to them.